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The Random Image on the “Loading” Screen

The “Loading” Screen or “Preloader” image that appears briefly before each page on this site has loaded, comes from implementing a few different methods (and from different coding thinkers). Here, I’ll show you a little about how the one used in the Eminence theme works…

Select and Edit

Choose the Post or Page to edit next with less clicks & page loads! Select and Edit appears in the Publish box, expanding when hovered.
Download Select and Edit from:

Digital Photography & Graphics: Unsplash, Phlearn

Unsplash – Free High-Resolution Photos – www.unsplash.com
Phlearn – The #1 Photoshop Tutorial Site in The World – www.phlearn.com

CSS: Style External Links Differently, Box Shadow Generator, Text Shadow Generator

“Style External Links Differently” by Paul Underwood, 12th March 2014
Article URL: https://paulund.co.uk/style-external-links-differently
Box Shadow Generator by CSSmatic, “The ultimate CSS tools for web designers”
URL: http://www.cssmatic.com/box-shadow
Text Shadow Generator by CSS3gen.com
URL: https://css3gen.com/text-shadow/

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